Wfg Ama Agreement

7 L. The Partner recognizes and accepts that all deliveries, including prospectuses, memorandums, visual aids, model planning forms, manuals, statistical and recruitment training and/or recruitment materials, supplier materials and brochures made available to the partner by wfG are and will be the property of the WFG and will be immediately referred to the WFG upon request. Mr. Associate must comply with the terms and restrictions of use contained in all licensing agreements or other contractual agreements between third-party computer software owners and WFGs that allow WFG to use this software. In addition associate accepts the terms of a license or other contractual agreement that the partner must enter into with a third party software owner. n. The partner must not break the covenants. III. Associate s Compensation A. Associate recognizes and understands that the partner earns income only through the sale of products and services and that no income is earned or paid by the partner for recruitment. The only compensation paid by the associated company in connection with and during the duration of this agreement is that of commissions paid or paid by the WFG in accordance with this agreement and which are paid under the terms and conditions contained in these directives and commission plans, which are published from time to time by the WFG.

Preferred companies are generally not required to pay associated money. There is no guarantee that the association will be rewarded financially by membership in the World Financial Group alone. B. From time to time, the WFG will publish guidelines and commission plans for related agreements on sales position names, performance standards, WFG or preferred company commission rates, and other issues affecting members` compensation conditions. The WFG may, from time to time, in the exercise of its exclusive and un noticeable power, increase or reduce the rates of commissions and commissions or the position of sale of the partner; however, if such changes can only be forward-looking, but may affect all new transactions and subsequent commissions obtained on existing business relationships. C. Associate acknowledges and acknowledges that the association commissions represent a share of the WFG`s commissions and that the associated commissions are only earned and payable after all the following steps have been taken: (i) the order or request for products and services submitted by the partner is accepted and approved by the WFG or a preferred company in its head office or by an approved WFG designer; (ii) the actual payment was made and received by the customer; and (iii) the WFG did receive, if necessary, a payment from the WFG commission of a privileged company (subject to the terms of this agreement). D. Any money and value owed by the Association to WFG, any debit balance, and money and value advanced or credited by or on behalf of WFG or for the benefit of associates constitute a loan.

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