Stat Holiday Pay Bc Averaging Agreement

Workers who are entitled to the statutory leave allowance and who must work on statutory leave are entitled to statutory leave allowance plus the payment of one and a half hours, i.e.dem 1.5 times their normal salary for the first 12 hours and the “double” for working time of more than 12 hours. (4) If a remuneration is identical to the remuneration for the previous salary period, another salary statement must be made only after modification. 89 (1) If the Director has reason to believe that one person is or is likely to pay money to another person who must pay money under a decision, a transaction contract or a court decision, the director may require in writing that the person be required to ask the director, because of the responsibility of the other under the settlement agreement or order. , all or part of the money to be paid to the other person. The order of work for each work day related to the object. 3. The receipt of the director`s money paid by a person in response to a request is proof that the liability of the person to be paid under the finding or settlement agreement or the court order is reduced by the amount indicated in the receipt. For those who are not entitled to the statutory leave allowance, but who work on a statutory holiday, they receive their normal salary without additional remuneration. Thanks for sharing. I also read your article “How Stat Vacation Affects Overtime” and it helps us a lot. Dig down. Please, could you help determine whether, under the medium-term agreement, workers also comply with the following rules: a. The weekly overtime threshold of 40 hours (on average) does not change when there is a statutory holiday; B.

Legal holidays themselves are not considered hours of work for daily or weekly overtime in BC; c. The work of a statutory holiday does not count towards daily overtime (they are already paid for overtime); d. For weekly overtime, only the first 8 hours (12 hours, I think in the case of an average agreement) worked during a day count; E.

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