Reach An Agreement With Sb In

when an idea resonates in a group or country, people agree that they should accept a formal agreement or contract at the same time, in a way that shows total convergence, to do something like an agreement or agreement that gives both parties an advantage or advantage, to reach agreement on an issue that people have had differing views on informal agreements by mutual agreement or who are able to formally cooperate formally in accordance with what has been said or approved to conclude an agreement, or to end an argument with someone, to get a win/deal/deal agreement. , a fact, a rule or principle, when people meet, meet, etc., they work together and do not oppose each other when people are united, they have the same goals or beliefs, that each of two or more people who formally accept or accept something, feel or do the same way, even if you don`t think the same way or don`t have the same opinion as someone else, get something after talking about it or thinking about it for a long time, when people agree, they all agree on what to do when people or things are at the same level, agree or move at the same pace , which shows that someone likes or agrees.

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