City Of Kalgoorlie Boulder Enterprise Agreement

“[The city] has to file an application with the Fair Work Commission to terminate the contract, and the FWC must take into account the views of workers and unions,” Hugo said. “But we are struggling to find a reason to terminate the agreement itself.” He accused the unions of distributing “misinformation” about the vote and said the terms of the agreement were not acceptable. While Walker drew attention to the city`s average salary of $94,000 in a sign of the problems the city faced, unions said the increase in the number of executive positions was the main cause of the 44 percent cost explosion over the past five years. The city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has entered into a Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) with the Ministry of the Interior. This agreement has its own occupational list allowing employers in the region to access a wider range of skilled workers, using the labour contract stream of the temporary skills shortage visa (underclass 482) and the employer appointment system (subclass 186). With the EBA`s resignation, the main point of staff is, Walker said, that it is not possible to separate the agreement and the wage freeze. “Where all conditions and wages are much lower than those that apply now,” he said. “There is almost an automatic fee for conferences, training and organisational time – even after eight years, employees are entitled to a study trip abroad.” This is the place for you if you want to be close to nature, love nature and dive into unspoiled landscapes and seascapes. There is also a lively arts scene, great shops, bars, restaurants and cafes, as well as sports activities. “The EBA we have in the city has, in our view, completely out of step with the market and what private sector employees have been through in recent years,” Walker said. Come live this great lifestyle for you! City employees will vote Thursday by secret ballot on the proposal, which also involves terminating their current business contract, after city manager John Walker made it public last week. Walker said he had offered both unions the opportunity to review the city`s legal advice and propose solutions to their problems, but that he had not received a response. A proposed wage stoppage for workers in the city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder could be on shaky ground after unions representing Council staff said they would oppose the move.

Both unions recommended that their members vote “no” because if the EBA were to vote on the dismissal of the EBA, working conditions would be reduced to the minimum standards set by the Local Government Award. AsU assistant secretary Jill Hugo said the city jumped the gun by publicly announcing the pay cut before the vote. Hugo said the ASU would continue to oppose the end of the EBA, even in the event of a general yes vote. “I think members would consider a wage freeze, given the Council`s current position,” Johnson said. He said the union would like to work with the city to find a solution. But LGRCEU Secretary of State Andrew Johnson said members would be much worse off if the current EBA was terminated.

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