Carrier Service Level Agreement

Suppose Company X signs a service level contract with Z. Company X agrees to host a Z-Company website on Company X`s servers. The two companies are negotiating what will be covered by the agreement, how long the agreement will be in effect, how much company Z will pay for the service at the level defined in the ALS and what penalties there will be if Company X does not deliver in accordance with ALS. The international availability of the network is measured from the customer site to the customer`s location. If a PVC. B of 64 Kbps is available at less than 99.8 per cent; Credits between 25 and 525 $US are applied. Credits are allocated based on PVC size and downtime. Latency and debit measures for international services are also available. Requirement 2 (costs): Little infrastructure investment for user premises This requirement emphasizes the need to reuse existing network elements such as set-top boxes, home gateways, smartphones, tablets or special devices for different application scenarios. The various services should be independent of the final HW/SW platform and the system should adapt the user interface to the functions of the device.

This allows the gradual introduction of different AAL/ELE services and forms the basis of a positive business case per service. Therefore, remote maintenance and service update mechanisms for network elements on the home network will be important functions. The first tests are TR069 or OSGi Alliance, which supports “dynamic application downloading,” that is, supporting the integration of dynamic software components (often called bundles) into AA platforms. Adaptation and scalability are important features of AAL/ELE platforms: look at a platform installed on an elderly person`s site to assist them in various activities. The platform includes programs to support certain features (reminding patients of medications, monitoring certain activities, etc.). But in the future, we want the platform to add additional features (i.e. the patient develops new symptoms for which additional assistance is needed, or the family wants to add additional monitoring sensors, etc.). “Dynamic application downloading” involves creating the infrastructure with minimal functionality (i.e.

little prior investment) and supporting dynamic downloading and running additional software components in the future, when and if necessary. Contrary to the agreement with your pizza delivery man, ALS was not negotiable with the cable company. The cable operator published it as part of its terms and conditions. Their only alternative is to register with another cable operator, provided an alternative is available. IT also provides a range of network management tools to support SLAs. As part of the customer network management (CNM) options, customers use two free web tools: Order Manager and Ticket Manager. With the order manager, customers can enter service orders on the Internet and track their progress.

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